Sped Trans AS is a modern, forward-looking, transport and toll custom company with a comprehensive portfolio of transport service and freight and bulk goods throughout Norway and Europe. We are located in Fredrikstad near E6 and not far from the boarder of Sweden.

Transport in Norway

With our own distribution network in Eastern Norway and together with nationwide partners, we offer a complete domestic service. We offer daily transport to and from our terminal in Fredrikstad to all of Norway.


Global Transport

Sped Trans AS offer daily to weekly departures from all over Europe. We also offer transport to every country in Europe and some other countries in the rest of the world. Please contact us for more information.

  • Sweden and Denmark: Daily shipment and excellent delivery time
  • Benelux, Germany and France: Shipment twice a week
  • England and Ireland: Weekly departure to/from England and Ireland. Our agent in UK has long experience with Scandinavia and together we offer excellent transport service.
  • Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania): One permanent shipment once a week. We also offer transport to every country in Eastern Europe.
  • Other country´s like Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and Turkey we ship once a week


24/7 – Reloading service

Our terminal is available for reloading, just when it suits you. Norway is not one of the biggest countries, but from South to North its 2 244km. Save time and let us take care of the transportation in Norway for you. Unload rigth after the Swedish boarder 24/7 and we will ship the gods to the folloving working day to all over Norway.


Customs Clearance

Goods that are imported into Norway must undergo a series of processes by Norwegian customs. Knowledge of customs provisions is essential for a smooth and correct procedure when importing goods into Norway. Even if you are doing import or export to Norway Sped Trans AS can take care of transport and customs clearance for your business.



Our warehouse in Fredrikstad has customs clearance, which is a big advantage for your company. The fees is paid only as the goods are taken out from the warehouse for future distribution.

Sped Trans AS offer 3PL warehousing, long and short term with focus on effectivity and good service.


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